Trevin and President & Sister Shulz

Trevin and President & Sister Shulz
Arriving at the Mission Home, President & Sister Shulz

Friday, October 26, 2012

Helped work on construction of a school

hey mom,

im glad to hear that everything in austin is going great. low 80's for
october isnt bad huh? haha your making me excited to get home. so in
austin are their a lot of lds families. ha i know that its not like
arizona at all but i do hope that we arnt going to be the only familiy
in a big area. elder martin lives close to huston and he really likes
it but their arnt that many members. i hope that everything works out
for us;)

jaen is going to state wow! how did that happen? haha so they are
doing a whole lot better then i did huh? man i hope that they do well
and that they at least make it past the 1st or 2nd round.

so for me this week we had transfers. which we had a fun time dealing
with. haha one of the elders that was waiting for his time to leave
got sick at the station and we had to take him to the hospital. he is
fine now but he kinda scared us. he was throwing up everywhere. on
friday we had a lot of fun. one of the old return missionaries from
here and his family are helping to build a school in a village way out
past mankessim. so we got invited to go and help build it. it was
awesome their were 8 of us and we were digging some trenches for the
foundation. they were 3 foot deep. it was great to get away from
missionary work for a day and do some hard work. we all had a lot of
fun but now all of us are really sore. ha my back still hurts but it a
good kinda pain. i was just glad to get dirty and use my hands.

so this week saturday we have a mission tour. elder zitate from the
area 70 is comeing to see us. im pretty excited. this guy is pretty
powerful. but that is all that i have right now.

wish jaren luck for me and tell everyone that i say hi. im going to
send the letter to the seminary tomorrow so it should be there in a
few days. but thats all that i have. i love you!!! talk to you next

love ,

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