Trevin and President & Sister Shulz

Trevin and President & Sister Shulz
Arriving at the Mission Home, President & Sister Shulz

Friday, October 26, 2012

Helped work on construction of a school

hey mom,

im glad to hear that everything in austin is going great. low 80's for
october isnt bad huh? haha your making me excited to get home. so in
austin are their a lot of lds families. ha i know that its not like
arizona at all but i do hope that we arnt going to be the only familiy
in a big area. elder martin lives close to huston and he really likes
it but their arnt that many members. i hope that everything works out
for us;)

jaen is going to state wow! how did that happen? haha so they are
doing a whole lot better then i did huh? man i hope that they do well
and that they at least make it past the 1st or 2nd round.

so for me this week we had transfers. which we had a fun time dealing
with. haha one of the elders that was waiting for his time to leave
got sick at the station and we had to take him to the hospital. he is
fine now but he kinda scared us. he was throwing up everywhere. on
friday we had a lot of fun. one of the old return missionaries from
here and his family are helping to build a school in a village way out
past mankessim. so we got invited to go and help build it. it was
awesome their were 8 of us and we were digging some trenches for the
foundation. they were 3 foot deep. it was great to get away from
missionary work for a day and do some hard work. we all had a lot of
fun but now all of us are really sore. ha my back still hurts but it a
good kinda pain. i was just glad to get dirty and use my hands.

so this week saturday we have a mission tour. elder zitate from the
area 70 is comeing to see us. im pretty excited. this guy is pretty
powerful. but that is all that i have right now.

wish jaren luck for me and tell everyone that i say hi. im going to
send the letter to the seminary tomorrow so it should be there in a
few days. but thats all that i have. i love you!!! talk to you next

love ,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time is flying by so Fast

hey mom,

so yeah this week has been pretty good. we havent had any problems really. im still not remembering our weeks to well right now so please forgive me if this a little short. so i got another chance to go back to mankessim last friday. it was really cool. i got a chance to go and to teach some of my old investigators. 2 of them have a baptisimal date! a guy named Dickson and another lady named Ama. with the very little that i was able to leave in mankessim they have been doing very well in getting them to baptism. im just glad that the work that i did the last few months that i was their paid off. on saturday we got to got go to the mission home and give our transfer news again. me and saili are staying together but their are a lot of others moving again. right now me and 3 of my other mt's are zone leaders. elder kitchen and elder martin just got their calls. there are a lot of other changes in our zone that i dont really like but have to live with. elder inhekari is coming back to our zone. right now we have six people living in our apartment and they are going to take out 1 companionship and leave us with elder kebbie and 1 other stubborn missionary. haha you know what i think pres. is thinking? i think that hes thinking well adair has had some difficult companions in the past so let just put them back in his zone plus a couple. i think him and saili can handle all of them at once. haha the next few transfers are going to be exciting!

so yeah im excited about the money being raised. we need it a lot. im excited to eat really good. the past few week i havent been eating the best but only because everything is way expensive. but i will be able to do a lot better now.

man! so how many field goals did jaren get all together? he still did a lot better then any of the other kickers that the school has had in a long time. jaren your still the best man!

wow! go kadyn! were there a lot of people there? do you know which song she did? good job kadyn!

ohhhh yeah i've been meaning to write a letter to the seminary for along time. i just havent got to it but yeah i will make sure to do that soon. tell grandma Thank You!!! man i cant wait to get home and give her a huge hug. she has done a lot for me. i love her!

man i cant wait for next week so that i can know a little bit about what is going on. im tired of being lost and in the dark.;)

well ok i guess that that is all. i love you!!! talk to you next week!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Email from Oct 8

hey mom,

wow! jaren is in the royalty! how did that happen? thats awesome though. i guess our family is full of good looking young boys and girls. :)

yeah yesterday we had a meeting with our bishop before church and he got the the text from our stake pres saying that they had changed the age for missions. that is sooooo cool. me and saili were freaking out. so is jaren going to prepare to go right after high school? that would be awesome. i was thinking about it last night it seems like everything that has happened to me so far in the past few years has been perfect timing. getting held back helped me a lot and i left i feel right when im supposed to and now they are allowing the 18 year olds to go. if they would have done it before i left it wouldnt have helped me at all but it will help jaren. i just thought it was cool. wow and another temple in az. arizona is really growing huh? we wont be able to see conference until the 4th of november but im hoping the the liahona will get here quick.

so for me there isnt to much new right now. the dr for our mission is really worried about us eating so they raised our allowance. that is really nice. it should have been done a while ago but we'll be good now. we were barely making it of what we got but now we will be able to eat a lot better. im happy=) ummm right now we have 2 people that are close to being baptized but they have some few issues that we need to get sorted out. but were hoping for the end of this month. one of them is this really smart lady named mary. we taught her the whole restoration in one lesson. haha that does not happen very often. usually it takes like 5 lessons to teach it and for them to understand it but shes pregnant and not married right now so we are just trying to help her. but she really wants to be baptized. the weeks are still going by really fast this past six weeks has moved. im about to start my 11th transfer out of 17. Crazy huh? i dont remember anything exciting really happening this week though.

THANK YOU!!! for the package i loved it. the pictures were amazing! everyone has gotten so much bigger its crazy. you and dad still look the same but the kids holy cow! jaren is getting bigger but i think that we are about the same hight right now. i have a pick of me and dad standing together and me and jaren are close. but jaren is gettin a little more thick. he will probably be a bit bigger then me when i get back but you have to take into account that im in AFRICA! and im just doing push-ups and sit-ups.;) you guys looked like you were having fun. and i think i know the real reason for you wanting to move to texas. your tired of the diamondbacks and are now a rangers fan and want to go and support them. right? so you will spend four days huh? that will be cool. tell me when you make a desision. and im still planning on doing firefighting so if you could look for a school that has the credits that i need for that and that the marines will sponsor me going to that would be great. just take that into consideration when you go and dont tell me if you find anything i dont want to think to much about it right now.

well alright i guees that i will talk to you later. i love you!!!


Email from Oct 1

hey mom,

so this week was cool. i dont remember anything the weeks feel like days right now its amazing. all i can remember is that we went on splits twice this week again. i love splits! (sarcasim) but they do make the week go by a lot faster. i had to go to yamoransa to do a baptisimal interview. it was pretty cool i got a chance to be with my old mtc companion elder ighama. he is the district leader in yamoransa. he has changed a lot since the mtc. we had a good time. we had our baptism on saturday. it went well. saturday was really crazy. they had a funeral at the chaple in the morning. and their funerals arnt like the ones that we have at home. they are really loud. then we had our baptism and then there was a wedding at the chapel. again their weddings are really loud. and yamoransas church building ran out of water so they had to come and have their baptism at our chapel during the wedding reception. the spirit wasnt there at all.

yeah its october! im going crazy right now. if time keeps going this fast im going to be done in no time. i dont really know if that is a good thing or not. i dont want to wish way the last months of my mission i like the work that we are doing here and its only a short time that i will never get back but im still excited.

thank you for the package!!! i cant wait for the pictures thanks. i will make sure to send home some pictures soon also. i dont really want anything for christmas. i just really want christmas to come and go. i dont like spending christmas here. but you could give me an allowence for christmas. im planning on getting something really cool. and its one of the few things that i will bring home. but its a painting of ghana. and in it will be a tone of scenes that you will only see in ghana. haha kinda picture a wheres waldo picture but of ghana. it will be custom painted and will be like 200 cedis so by christmas time thats like $100. but thats it, and some of your awesome christmas baking;) let me know if thats ok.

hmmm checking out austin. how exciting;) i hope that that goes good. i really want a set decision i want to know whats happening. haha and its even worse not being home to see anything Ahhhh. how long are you planning on staying ove there? i want to start college when i get home i just havent figured out how im going to do it yet. i need to check on some things but i guess i will just have to wait and find out when i get home.

the election is comming up huh? wow the big day is comming fast. we will see what the futur of the country is in a few months. haha you know that its you and dads fault that im going stur crazy over here with no information. you and glenn beck got be hooked but i dont know whats going on anymore! i pray every night that the lord will help our people see that obama is hurting us and that we need someone that will help build and up lift the country. i just cant wait until this thing is all over.

well alright i guess that im going to go. i love you guys so much! talk to you next week.


Email from Sept 17

hey mom,

so the confrence was good. we had a lot of really good talks. sis shulz talked about music. they came out with some new rules for music. its anything church sponsored that is uplifting and inspirational. no more just mo tab! prez shulz talked on repentance and how we can better help our investigators understand what real repentance is. it was a really cool he went very far into repentance. it helped me understand a lot more on what true repentance is. the rest of the week went by really fast. we had a really bad day the other day. we went on splits the other day and i was in our area with another missionary. but we only taught 1 lesson the whole day. people were not home! even the members werent home. it wasnt the best day on mission but it also wasnt the worst day either. our baptism looks good. i don think that we will have any problem with getting them ready.

everything sounds cool at home. congratulate jaren for me sorry you arnt feeling well. hope you feel better soon. i'll make sure to write to carsen today.

wow duskin gets home in november! he didnt leave that long ago. hahaha yeah i heard that when people go to places like that they have a hard time coming home and speaking english. i am going to have to re learn all my math again, we dont use it here its all gone and i have to take more math classes in college.

well i dont know much more to say so i guess i will talk to you later. i love you!!!


Email from Sept 10

hey mom,

yeah i've seen pres. and sis shulz a lot more lately and she has taken a lot of pictures. i was hoping that at leas one would go up. but yeah im happy. i have been having a lot of fun doing a lot of work and keeping busy with all of the things going on. but the transfers went well. it was a lot more then 17 missionaries though those were only the new guys. we moved 32 missionaries around and made sure that their companions were their to meet them. but it went well we only had a few problems with the moves. just miss communication problems. the rest of the week went by really fast. we went to mankessim again this week. their is a guy from takoradi in my area with his new missionary and they didnt know here to start so i got to go back and show him to a lot of the members and the investigators that i left behind. it was really cool. i think that they will do well in mankessim. ha its always good to know that your old area has a good set of missionaries to take over. on friday we had zone leader conference. i was cool. we talked about the goals that our zones had set and how they were doing. sis shulz talked about being an example to others. she said that the tings we do no matter how big or small will trickle down to those other missionaries in our zone. so we need to be the example. ummm right now inour area we have found a lot of really cool people to teach. when i first came we had like four people now we have a lot. im really excited about the people that we are teaching now. we are planning on a baptism on the 29th of this month. but they still need to come to church a few times so we will see. bt yeah we had a cool week this week. next week we have our mission confrence. in the picture that they put up on the blog look for bright pink and blue ties. thats my zone. their is a lot that is happening this month september is going to be over in no time.

wow dad got a new calling? hhmm thats a surprise. haha arnt the kids always onry? how is school going for them. how does kadyn like middle school? ha what about jaren? is he doing well?

haha you hate the rainy season and i love it! the season is ending here and its starting to get hot again. im not excited for it to get hot again.

yeah i got you letter and the stamps. i also got the last package you sent. it was awesome thanks! id like the hair and body but it deosnt matter if its old spice. its kind of expensive. but with your package if you can i still want pictures. of your trip, of home i want to see RV again, some of the things that the kids are doing, just stuff.

so yeah thats about it. i will keep a eye out for ryans email. tell everyone hello for me. i love you guys! Your the best!


Email from Sept 3

hey mom,

man i wish could have been at the baptism. heybut maybe i will gt to
be there when they go through the temple. i bet it was a really
powerful baptism.

haha yeah they have it real good dont they? but i still have it
better. haha dont take this wrong but i really really dislike living
here but ghana is the best place to be on a mission. i would rather
suffer here and bring a ton of peole into the gospel then be in the
states living great in suffer while doing the work.

so this week was prety good. we had interviews on friday. that went
good he just asked how i was doing and said that he expects a lot from
me. we got transfer news on saturday. the cape coast zone leaders are
the ones that have to cordinate everyones movements. pres put a lot of
pressure on us for that one also. there are a ton of people moving
this transfer and we have 17 new missionaries. it seems like everyone
is getting moved around. me and saili sat down for an hour or 2 trying
to organize all of the chaos that is going to happen. so well see how
it all works out.
yesterday we had a girl from washington state come to church with a
referal. shes here doing service, helping to build a school in
takoradi. the guy that she brought was really cool. and he seems
really intrested but it could be that he just wanted to do it for the
bruni girl so we'll see. but it was cool to talk to someone from home.
but thats all of the exciting things for this week.

my companion is great. haha elder saili is just another american.
american samoa is just like the U.S. just an island. but he talks to
his family. he has a sister serving in the temple square mission right
now. he gets letters from her a lot too. she is actualy in the last
general confrence leahona.

well my shoes are doing suprisingly well. i was looking at them the
other day. i think its because i hvent had the greatest of companions
the last 7 months and i was ridding a bike instead of walking. my
socks are starting to get a little thin but they will be ok for a few
more months. the only thing i can think of is body wash and i need
pens. a pack of uni-ball pens perferably but thats it. but you just
sent a package so dont send them now wait a week or 2 please!

haha what else did you expect sis shulz to say. hes a spitball fire
ball with a temper;) i talked with her a lot on friday. we just talked
about you guys and her family. haha she said that she has a 15 yr. old
grandaughter that she wants to hook jaren up with;0 after mission of

ha o well i gess i better go. i love you!!!